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The implementation plan of the proposed project has been structured in 6 work processes(WP) of a total duration of 30 months, aiming at a constructive cooperation of all stakeholders, effective requirements research (technical and financial) & incorporation of cutting-edge technologies, progressive system planning and development, adequate pilot installation, testing and evaluation and finally effective dissemination of knowledge and technology.

WP1 Reasearch, Technologies Evaluation & User Requirements
M1 - M6

In WP1 (Research, Technology Evaluation & User Requirements) M1-M6 all project's partners work together to map & benchmark existing systems and methodologies. They aim at saving irrigation water and collecting (with questionnaires / interviews with all potential stakeholders) and analyzing user requirements (producers and organizations) of the proposed system.

  TEIPel ( AUA, ITCS, CITE,  ALTUS, Producers)


WP2 Techno-economic Analysis, Requirements & Prospects
M1 - M6 During WP2 the Feasibility Study that will give us the techno-economic parameters, is implemented and then toghether with the results of WP1 they form the high level requirements ( sufficiently technical and understood by end-users), that will guide the system design and development (WP3) M6-M18.


WP3 System Design & Development
M6 - M24 In WP3 the design and development of each sub-system / functionality is implemented. The implementation is carried out by the lead entity of each sub-process(Ground Measurements: GPA, Aerial Recording: ALTUS, Networking: TEI PEL, Applications: CITE) with the participation of other operators as the case may be , in the DB of the dependencies that exist between subsystems. At this stage, the necessary equipment supplies are also made (ground measuring equipment for calibration of crops in 3 experimental sites and aerial platform equipment for 2 quadcopters) for the manufacture of the prototypes that will be used in the pilot tests.


WP4 Pilot Installation & Operation
M10 - M31

In the context of pilot installation and operation (WP4) M10-M25,the subsystems whose interoperability has already been laboratory-certified in the preceding process,are placed in experimental locations.After the placement they get appropriately configured (integration tests with other subsystems and / or external networks, experimental data) and run the specified scripts / use cases, to verify the required functionality.

  AUA ( ALTUS, CITE, TEIPel, Producers)


WP5 Evaluation, Documentation, Utilization, Dissemination & Control
M2 - M36 In the 5th WP the system is evaluated from technical (recording, editing and quantitative & qualitative evaluation to verify objectives) and financial view(continuity of Feasibility Study, utilization scenarios and related business models).Documentation (System Installation & Operation Manuals), publicity / dissemination (see separate process) and financial audit & certification of project costs (by a Chartered Accountant)are also carried out. All processes get gathered and implemented by all participating stakeholders.
  CITE ( AUA, ALTUS, ICTS, TEIPel, Producers)




WP6 Participation in trade fairs
M25 - M36 During the 6th and last WP the project's entities-companies participate in an International Trade Fair M25-M30 .

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