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Trifylia: The drones are coming – Implementation of program for the saving of water in crops

Trifylia: The drones are coming – Implementation of program for the saving of water in crops

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Trifylia was chosen by the Agricultural University of Athens, the TEI of Peloponnese and by private companies for the implementation of a research program that will be directly related to the saving of water in crops.

In order to achieve the best possible result, the Directorate of Rural Economy & Veterinary of Trifylia will participate in the research project with the agronomist Antonis Paraskevopoulos, as well as four producers, on whose lands the program will be implemented.

In fact, the previous days the program was presented in Kyparissia, by Mr. Stavros Alexandris, Associate Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens - Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering, where the design and the expected results were analyzed.

Trifylia was chosen given the size of the vegetable crop, which consequently means large-scale irrigation, while local producers, estimated at 4,000, are charged with 7.5 euros for one hour of irrigation, that is 15 cents per cubic meter. Through the implementation of the research project, the importance of innovations, via which, at regular intervals, the need for irrigation will be recorded.

"Special drones with built-in optical, multispectral or thermal sensors can identify to the nearest centimeter which parts of a crop need more water but also produce specialized maps of altitude differences and soil morphology that will help to more effectively irrigate each crop individually. Even as the crop grows, it will be possible to calculate specialized vegetation indicators that reflect both the biomass and the health of the crop, allowing indirect conclusions about the effectiveness of the irrigation and intervention where necessary."

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