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Visit to work field 3

Visit to work field 3

Visit to work field 3 Visit to work field 3 Visit to work field 3

The third possible installation point for the equipment that was explored was the parcel of Mr Kyriakos Latanis (5km away from Mr. Papadopoulos and 1km from Mr. Malamos) who does not plan the placement of tomatoes or peppers, as originally stated, but plans to cultivate watermelon. Due to the duplication of cultivation to the one from Mr. Papadopoulos and Mr. Malamos and due to the physical absence of a person from the meeting and interview, it was decided that this field would not be selected.

The fourth field we visited and were given a tour around was the vineyard of Mr. Theodore Derescos, which is located 30km from the field of Mr. Papadopoulos but at an almost equal distance from the other participants. Following certain clarifications given on a previous interview that had taken place, we established that the site does meet the mandatory selection criteria. Yet, due to the long mileage from the other crops, it was preferred not to select the specific location, because of high probability for uneven measurements.

The fifth and last field we visited was that of Mr Georgios Kallianis, about 15Km away from Mr. Papadopoulos’s. He was not present, so we were informed and guided by his agronomist. Mr. Kallianis plans to cultivate half-premature tomatoes, which meets all the obligatory and optional criteria, thus it was chosen as the third place of installation. It was therefore decided to proceed with the replacement of Mr. Latanis by Mr. Kallianis in the project.

Photos of the exact location of the field and from the time of the tour at the premises of Mr. Kallianis are listed below.


Επίσκεψη στο πεδίο καλλιέργειας 3
Premature Tomato - January to May
Maximum Growth - Beggining of April