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GreenWaterDrone enters the home stretch

GreenWaterDrone enters the home stretch

gwd teleconference

The GreenWaterDrone project ( has entered its final phase since the summer of 2020, having now largely completed its technical components, which are related to scientific irrigation needs assessment (CWSI) models, application software, aerial recording platforms and a ground measurement station.

On Monday, September 14th, 2020, the Partners of GWD, Communication & Information Technologies Experts S.A. (CITE), Agricultural University of Athens, University of Peloponnese, ALTUS LSA and met in a general coordination conference in order to summarize their work and plan their tasks for the next 10 months of the GreenWaterDrone project. Amid the constraints which are related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but with all the mentioned above important technical and scientific results in its hands, the working group planned a series of actions until the completion of the project, including:

  • A new on the spot crop overview and at the same time implementation of surveillance flights in order to collect new data, by the project's specially designed drones, during the Autumn of 2020,
  • Launch of a pilot period regarding to the operation of irrigation and aerial surveillance planning applications, which will culminate in 2021 with the participation of final users - farmers and other beneficiaries,
  • Several actions that will bring the results of the project closer to the farmers and the local authorities, who are the final beneficiaries, but also to the scientific community of the field.